Educating Children According to Their Talent

Educating Children According to Their Talent

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Not many parents understand that it is possible to develop or train the talents in children. According to Jarot Wijanarko, a writer and family motivator, there are many talents inherent to an individual. This is because only 1 of 23 pairs of human cromosomes is responsible in determining gender, while the remaining 22 pairs determine the physical attributes, skills, abilities, and talents of an individual. As such, the talent of an individual may develop with regular training. Non-technical skills or soft-skills, such as memory and multitasking capability can also be trained. A good practical example to this is by using images or pictures to help with memorizing things. Visual assistance using illustration is great to simplify education. This also applies to us as adults. By simplyfing our lives, our memory will improve. 

So, how to recognize and develop the talents in our children? 

1. Talent Potential Test 

A good example to this test is finger-print testing on babies. The test has the purpose to identify the genetic factors of a baby. As an individual grows older and starts to draw the influence from their environment, therapy, and socialization process, this test becomes less and less viable. You may conduct an interest & talent test for children in Primary to Middle-School. 

2. Guidance from Parents 

Brain elasticity begins to occur during the first 5 years of a child’s growth. An individual is said to be in his or her ‘golden-age’ at this age also, which requires good parenting from both parents to support the development and growth of a child. Therapy through the presence of a father may stimulate the DNA of a child to function well. Meanwhile the therapy from a mother will stimulate the interest and the talent of a child. This means that father and mother serve a different role and function in parenting. 

3. Developing Talents 

Entering the phase of adulthood, the talent of an individual may still be developed. By loving what we do, it means we are cultivating a new talent in ourselves. How is it so? This can be explained by the neuroplasticity theory. Neuroplasticity concept refers to the ability of the brain and human nervous system to change structurally and physiologically as a result of influence from the environment. Because of that, even when you happen to stuck in an education, career, or environment that you feel is not suitable to you, try to love what you’re doing; this way, you might be able to cultivate and develop a new talent in yourself. 

Developing the talents of our children is our responsibility as parents, older siblings, or even simply as relatives. There are five factors that determine whether an infant or a teenage can optimally develop their potential and achieve their dreams: family, school, religious institution, media, and community. The three first factors give a lot of positive inputs to an infant or teenage. On the other hand, media and community may give them bad influence. Ironically, in this current digital era, most child absorb more values from the media or the communities than their own family, school, or religion. Because of that, CBN bear this responsibility to provide good guidance and positive influence to our children through Generasi Zeru Movement. Supported by television programs on national television, Generasi Zeru aims to inspire youth who have great potential in them to start positive religious communities in their schools. The vision of Generasi Zeru is to help our young generation to cultivate and develop their identity in God, allowing them to achieve their dreams. 

You can help support this movement by joining us as a CBN Partner. Make your donation through this form below or by sending us a message in this format JC # Full Name # Email to 081.5965.5960. Make sure that you confirm your donation and get a special welcoming gift as a token of our appreciation for your support. Generasi Zeru Helping Youth to Achieve Their Dreams!

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